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Optional Treatments

We offer a range of other optional treatments that Robert will discuss with you at your consultation.

Face Bow Reading

This puts the upper and lower jaw in their true relationship to one another. This requires the use of a specialist piece of equipment, which we have in our practice here at Grove Road.

Muscle Moulding

This helps to reduce the displacing effects of the soft tissue of your mouth: the tongue, floor of the mouth, lips and cheeks, upon the dentures. This reduction is achieved by taking impressions of your mouth whilst it is moving. Quote often when impressions are taken soft tissues are displaced. This displacement created a false reading within the plaster model that is created from the impression of your mouth. The often consequent result is poor fitting, very mobile dentures. Muscle moulding helps to prevent this displacement to a minimum.

Gum Tinting

This replicates the natural variation in the tissue of gums and gum pigments and provides a more natural look. This is particularly useful for people who show a lot of their gums above their teeth when they smile.


This is the creation of a dimpled surface on the denture so that it has a similar texture to natural tissues and does not have such a uniform shiny surface. However, this means it is all the more important to clean the dentures thoroughly.

Balanced Occlusion

This option helps to improve the retention, stability and comfort of the denture by having all of the teeth touching when you bite on either the left or right side or on the front teeth. The potential for the denture to tip or lever in one direction or another is greatly diminished. The denture therefore is more stable and it is less likely to dislodge. There is the added benefit of improving the durability of the false teeth because the loading upon them will be spread evenly instead of over just a few teeth.


This replaces lost bone support and roots by using the denture itself to provide support to your face. The denture plumps out the upper and lower lips and cheeks. This particular treatment can make an improvement to your face, helping to make you look younger.

Soft Lining

This is a rubberized denture base attached to the underneath of an acrylic denture to assist comfort on sensitive gums. In addition it can act as a retention aid by allowing the denture base to stretch over boney areas and then relax and grip in the narrower areas. A useful analogy is to think of putting on a pair of elastic waisted trousers that stretch over your hips and grip around your waist.


As the name implies this provides additional strength to the denture and acts as an insurance policy against possible breakage of the acrylic denture base. It is a length of stainless steel rod that is incorporated into the acrylic base. It is placed behind the teeth and therefore is not visible in the mouth. Ultimate strength, however, is achieved by the provision of a chrome framework. The stainless strengthener is second best. In extreme cases the denture will fail even with strenghthener, thus a denture with a chrome framework to it is the best option.


If you have some of your natural teeth remaining improved retention of the denture can be achieved by the provision of clasps incorporated into the denture that are placed so to that they wrap around the waist part of the teeth, i.e. the narrowest part. The same analogy we have given above in relation to soft linings applies equally here to your natural teeth: think again of putting on a pair of elastic waisted trousers that stretch over your hips and grip around the waist.

The clasps can be made from a range of different materials:

  • Stainless Steel
    The cheapest option with reasonable durability.
  • Chrome
    A more expensive material but one that provides excellent durability.
  • Gold
    The most expensive material. The reason to choose this material for your clasp(s) is aesthetics because it can appear in your mouth as a gold inlay.
  • Tooth Coloured
    These are the most disguised in your mouth as they match as close as they can to the colour of the natural tooth that they wrap around. It is as expensive as gold but the least durable material because it is plastic.

Natural Tooth Age Related Mimicry

What do we mean by this? It is a technique we use to provide improved disguising of the fact that you are wearing a denture. The age related mimicry that we have available for you is as follows: The placing of gold inlays and gold crowns or metal fillings within the teeth of the denture to make the denture look more like natural teeth that have been repaired over the years.

If required we can use a slightly darker shade for the canine teeth to mimic the natural difference in the shade of natural teeth. This is a very effective tool to disguise the denture within your mouth. We can individualise the anterior teeth by their irregular setting within the denture because symmetry within the mouth does not look natural. We can create wear on the teeth, to mimic the wear that occurs on natural teeth throughout out lives.

We hope the above detailed explanation of the different types of denture treatment we have available for you has been helpful to you in making your selection. 

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