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Customer Testimonials

We are always pleased to receive the many letters and praise we get as it tells us that we are meeting our objective to provide the best level of service to our customers.

We created this section on our site so that you can see for yourself the feedback and thank you letters from many of the customers that we have helped over the years. 

  • Customer Problem

    This patient came to see Robert Seviour initially because her denture had fractured. We repaired her denture successfully. However, she was actually unhappy with her denture and said that she could not stand it being in her mouth! It was very uncomfortable and gave her ulcers. She only wore it for cosmetic purposes.

    Our Solution

    Robert Seviour provided this lady with an upper denture with a chrome framework. As you can see she is now absolutely delighted with the end result and does not keep her new denture in her bathroom cupboard!

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  • Customer Story

    This gentleman first came to see Robert Seviour with loose bridgework and loose natural teeth. He had these extracted by his dentist and then after a period of 5 months he returned to see Robert for the provision of a full set of dentures.

    The End Result

    As you can see this patient is delighted with the end result and says that he can eat almost anything.

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  • Customer Problem

    This patient came to see Robert with an old denture that was over 30 years old. Some of the false teeth had fractured off the denture. The flange, (supporting rim) of the denture was protruding into her palate. This lady’s upper denture was so loose that she had to use her tongue to keep the denture in place. As a consequence her tongue rubbed the side of the denture and made it sore.

    Our Solution

    Robert Seviour provided this lady with an upper partial denture with a chrome framework. As you will see she is completely delighted with her new denture and says that she feels like a million dollars!

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  • Customer Problem

    This lady came to see Robert Seviour with a dental tale of woe. She had had an upper partial denture made for which she only wore for a few hours before abandoning it and going back to her old denture. The denture that she hardly wore did not fit the roof of her mouth, packed with food, showed an excessive amount of gum and the false teeth on it were not level. It was so bad that this lovely lady shed many tears in her disappointment over this denture. As a consequence when she came to see Robert Seviour her confidence and trust in dental practitioners was at an all time low.

    Our Solution

    Robert Seviour provided this patient with two separate upper partial dentures. She needed to have three teeth extracted. When patients have teeth taken out it is important that there is time between the first set of dentures and the second permanent denture. This is to allow time for the gums to shrink. So initially Robert provided her with a temporary all acrylic plastic denture which she wore for 7 months before Robert provided her with a permanent denture. This second denture has a chrome framework. As you can see there a no more tears just a great big happy smile on the patient’s face.

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  • Customer Problem

    This patient came to see Robert Seviour suffering with loose dentures, in particular his lower full denture which was only about 6 months old. This gentleman said that he was having difficulty in eating and had to opt for soft foods, particularly when he and wife went out socially.

    Our Solution

    Robert provided this gentleman with a new full set of dentures. He is now able to eat steak and is once again enjoying eating out.

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  • Customer Problem

    This lady came to see Robert Seviour wearing upper and lower partial dentures. The top denture was a temporary denture which had not been replaced. It was very loose and she did not like the appearance of the false teeth. Her bottom denture was also badly fitting and loose.

    Our Solution

    The provision of upper and lower partial dentures. Both dentures have a supporting chrome framework. The lower denture is no ordinary chrome denture but a swing-lock chrome denture – please download the free document 7 Ways to Enhance Denture Retention to find out what a swing-lock denture is and its benefits.

    This lady is now completely happy, as she says at the end of her video: “Here I am, happy.” She also says that she can eat whatever she likes.

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  • Customer Problem

    This lady came to see Robert Seviour complaining about her upper partial denture, which she said did not fit well, allowed food to get underneath it and was painful to wear.

    Our Solution

    Robert advised this lady that she was a good candidate for a swing-lock denture and this is what she opted to have. You can see from her video testimonial that she is highly delighted with the end result.

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  • Customer Problem

    This gentleman first came to see Robert back in 2009. Two days before he had had fitted into this mouth what this patient described as an ‘instrument of torture,’. The denture pinched his mouth and was very painful to wear and so consequently he didn’t wear it. This meant that he had to wear his old denture which was very loose and caused this gentleman embarrassment when he went out socially.

    Our Solution

    This gentleman had some retained roots in his lower jaw and these were utilized for attachments for magnets placed within the denture. When the denture was placed in the patient’s mouth the attachment and the opposing magnet lined up to create a good fitting denture. Please download our document: “7 Ways to Enhance Denture Retention” for more information about magnet retained dentures.

    With regard to the upper jaw Robert provided this gentleman with a full upper denture.

    Three years later towards the end of 2012 Robert Seviour replaced the full upper denture with a new denture. Over the intervening period his upper jaw had shrunk and the full denture had become loose.

    The original magnet retained partial lower denture that Robert made for this gentleman is still working well some 5 years later.

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  • Customer Problem

    This gentleman came to see Robert Seviour complaining about the full set of dentures that he was wearing. In particular he found them really annoying because they moved around all over the place.

    Our Solution

    Robert made this gentleman a new set of dentures and as you’ll see he is so happy with them that he doesn’t want them out of his sight.

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  • Customer Problem

    This gentleman came to see Robert lacking in confidence because he had lost some teeth from his lower jaw and a loose upper denture were getting him down.

    Our Solution

    Robert provided this patient a partial upper and lower denture, both with supporting chrome frameworks. What this gentleman particular appreciates apart from the end result, is the attention to detail that Robert gave throughout the entire course of treatment.

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  • Customer Problem

    This gentleman had gaps between his teeth and eating had become difficult for him and consequently not enjoyable.

    Our Solution

    Initially, in 2012 Robert provided this patient with a partial upper denture which had a chrome framework.

    A year later he had some teeth taken out from his lower jaw and Robert provided him with a temporary lower denture. This is an all-acrylic plastic denture.

    As you will hear this gentleman is delighted with the first class service which Robert has provided him with as well as the end result; he likes both the appearance of the dentures and the fact that he can eats easily once again

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"Dear Robert, I am smiling and loving my fabulous new teeth! Thank you so much for your care during all my appointments. I will miss you all and our little chats. So once again, thank you Robert especially for my smiling teeth!!."

Received 18/Jun/2014

"It has been a real pleasure. I am very happy with my excellent dentures and I wish to thank you so much for your patience in getting things just right for me, for your tremendous skill at each stage of the process and the pleasure you feel in doing a really good job. "

Received 16/Jun/2014

"Dear Robert, it must be a year since you made the denture for me which is the best I have ever had in fifty years of dental treatment. Very comfortable and very natural-looking. The service, care and attention I got at your surgery was first-class. With kind regards to you and your staff."

Received 11/Jun/2014

"To all of you a very special thank you for everything all the best."

Received 04/Jun/2014

"Dear Mr Seviour, Once again my new denture are wonderful, comfortable fit, without the need of any adjustment afterwards. So I am able to go away to Spain with peace of mind, not worrying what I eat, thanks to you!"

Received 04/Jun/2014

"Dear Robert, Just a quick note (A bit late for which I apologise) to say thank you for my new denture which has settled in very nicely. To such an extent that I even forgot that it is in most of the time, which is very reassuring. So once again thank you for your time and expertise. Also, please say thank you to Norma and Julie."

Received 22/Apr/2014

"Dear Robert, Thank you for my lovely new teeth. I can now bite nuts with ease and no pain. Your dental practice is the only one I have ever looked forward to coming to. You, your staff and everyone make the experience truly enjoyable. Many thanks."

Received 01/Mar/2014

"Dear Robert, Many thanks for my new dentures. I am now able to eat and taste most things without the use of Fixodent great! A big thank you for everything to you and your friendly staff. Very best wishes."

Received 28/Feb/2014

"Dear Robert, A belated thank you card, but is so because I have waited until I am really satisfied with my splendid dentures! Red meat and museli with whole nuts can at last be eaten again. Many thanks."

Received 27/Feb/2014

"To Robert, Norma and all at Grove Road Dental Clinic not forgetting Rowan. It was a pleasure to be in your company! For all your business, care and wonderful, thoughtful attention to ensure your patients comfort and well-being. You make us feel special and the final result of confidence and comfortable eating was the result. I am happily eating things I have not been able to for years. Warmest regards."

Received 24/Feb/2014

"Dear Robert, I would like to thank you so very much for your expertise. The denture is superb, very good fitting, so light to wear. You are a dedicated craftsman, wonderful. Julie was very friendly, Norma very kind, and very helpful as a dental nurse. I have been so dissatisfied in the past in other practices. Thank you again for your kindness and patience. I have been impressed with you. All the best."

Received 21/Feb/2014

"Dear Robert, Just a note to thank you for my new dentures. I can at last enjoy my food. Your kind staff were very caring during each treatment and we were always welcomed. This was much appreciated. My best wishes to you all."

Received 20/Jan/2014

"A haven from the sore and pain is the dentist site in Grove Road. Your smile will then return again giving you help to share your load. You are greeted with a homely smile, putting comfort inside your mind. Then Robert will display his style with gentle hands and words so kind. And then fitting the new dentures brings such relief and confidence. Opening up new adventures thanks to Robert and his calm diligence. Many, many thanks Robert."

Received 17/Dec/2013

"To Robert and all the team, Many thanks for looking after me and helping me through a process I was nervous about. I had put it off for too long but am now totally happy with the result. Thank you for all your kindness."

Received 21/Oct/2013

"Since I had my dentures life has improved no end. No problem with eating, smiling and laughing since they were fitted. Thank you for your time, patience and understanding during my visits. It was much appreciated. Thanks again."

Received 26/Sep/2013

"Thank you for giving me a lovely smile. I never expected to laugh so much in a dental clinic."

Received 23/Sep/2013

"The new denture is perfect. Very comfortable. The fine tuning you did on the last visit was just right. I have already said to you how impressed I was at your attention to getting everything just right. It has been a very pleasant experience watching a master craftsman at work."

Received 14/Sep/2013

"Thank you for your excellent treatment and happy service to John and myself. We are very happy with our new dentures. Thanks once again."

Received 09/Sep/2013

"Dear Robert, Norma, Julie & team, Thank you so much for all the trouble you have taken to provide me with a gleaming lower plate that fits me to perfection! May you keep the good work of giving many people something to smile about!"

Received 02/May/2013

"Thanks so very much for all you have done in making a beautiful set of dentures for me and the wonderful reception I received everytime I visited your dental practice. I cannot recommend highly enough the finished result of the dentures and the quality of the service I received everytime I visited the surgery. Thank you very much once again."

Received 02/Apr/2013

"Dear Mr Seviour, You will be pleased to know that the part-denture you made me fits perfectly. I have no problems in anyway. Thank you for all the trouble you went to. I am very happy with my new teeth."

Received 22/Mar/2013

A husband and wife were each provided with new dentures by Robert

"We are very pleased with your service. Our dentures are fine and it was so good to come to a clinic which has such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thank you again."

Received 21/Mar/2013

"Dear Robert, Norma & Julie, Well what can I say. Having been a very reluctant patient, I finally decided to attend the clinic for a free consultation which lead to a very enjoyable experience and unforgettable. The treatment I received from day one to the final day was suberb and when I walked out I not only had a great set of dentures resulting in a very nice smile and also three lovely friends who I shall never forget. Thank you for the banter and I shall certainly keep smiling."

Received 28/Feb/2013

"Dear Robert, I would like to thank you for the time that you gave me at my consultation last Wednesday. You answered a lot of my uncertainties and I found your explanation very clear, the examination of my mouth very thorough and you gave me reassurance that if I do decide to take up your recommendation, I will not only be in the right hands but also know that you and your staff will give me the best care and attention. Once again many thanks."

Received 19/Feb/2013

"A big thank you for my lovely teeth. I just want to say a big thank you to you and your lovely staff for everything."

Received 16/Jan/2013

"I am still so pleased with my new dentures and have not had a moment of discomfort from them, since the first minor adjustment. They are so comfortable and I thank you all for making my treatment such a pleasant experience. Thanks and best wishes to you all."

Received 14/Dec/2012

"Dear Robert, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service I received in the making of my new dentures. Your patience and expertise were displayed. I am able to smile now with more confidence than before because they look so real and are so comfortable. I would like to say a big thank you to your staff for making us feel so welcome. I am so pleased I answered your advertisement."

Received 13/Dec/2012

"Thank you to Robert for making me look and feel better. Your clear explanation helped me to understand all you were doing. Thank you for a wonderful, comfortable treatment room. Thank you to Robert and Norma for being so cheerful. Also a big thank you from Lynda, for patience and understanding of the difficulties that my mother has and for expert professional advice on denture choice and aftercare. Mother was confident in your care."

Received 12/Dec/2012

"Just to let you know how pleased I am with my new denture, which is doing all expected of it. Thank you for an excellent job and for the friendly manner in which I was treated by all."

Received 11/Dec/2012

"Just to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the new denture you made for me - it fits perfectly, stays in place and lets me smile with confidence as well as making chewing food much easier. Your friendly care and detailed attention to the task were greatly appreciated, especially taking the time to listen to my problems and concerns. And al this backed up by your friendly, helpful staff. May God bless you all and prosper your work."

Received 11/Dec/2012

"What a treat to be able to eat, speak and smile normally after so many years of ill-fitting dentures, mouth ulcers and sores. It was certainly a red letter day when I decided to follow-up on the flier that came through our door earlier this year. I was extremely impressed with the most patient care and consideration you gave while preparing and fitting the new dentures. Your attention to detail was so much more than I have ever experienced. No wonder your appointment books are full. I send my thanks to your entire team for their help, cheerfulness and consideration during my visits and I look forward to many more years of comfort and good service from teh dentures you have made."

Received 08/Dec/2012

"I would just like to thank you and your team - Norma, Julie and Sally for your care over the last few weeks. I am so pleased with the end result, they look so natural and I like my new smile!!"

Received 06/Dec/2012

"Thank you very much for my wonderful and comfortable denture. Now, thanks to you, I enjoy eating everything. Best wishes to Mr Robert and his sympathetic staff."

Received 23/Oct/2012

"Dear Robert & Norma, I wish to send you my thanks for the construction of my new dentures. These have enabled me to eat almost anything and enjoy the flavour, without the use of Fixodent. You have given me success where others before have failed. This is not the only thing that has been given and I would like to outline the experience at Grove Road Dental Clinic which makes it so unique. The consultation was very thorough and friendly offering a huge number of options. Each option was explained in detail so that you could say yes or no. At the end of the consultation a pamphelt was given, so that you could change your mind at the next appointment. Because of this it helped to make the right choices from which I benefit today. During the many discussions a tour of my own mouth was given, on a screen to illustrate what the plan was and to find the wants and reactions of the patient. People are all different; for some, external appearance is the priority but for me your talking skills and sensitivity discovered that my priority was to eat in comfort and enjoy food. This resulted in a complete change of plan to suit me, for which I am grateful. There were many stages in the construction and each stage was thoroughly checked for dimensions before moving on to the next stage. This resulted in a big surprise for they felt great, with the jawbone joints feeling very relaxed and square. It was then that I learned that it was a model of the real thing to check the fit. When the finished product arrived it was the same as above. In addition they were a shining object of such beauty which, when in the mouth and the tongue moved over them, they felt like velvet. After almost three months the dentures have bedded in to me and I have done the same for them. They come out easily and are firm in position. There are other friendly and accommodating people who give an input to the clinic which helps to make it unique. I would like to thank them for what they have given. When all is done, it feels like leaving a group of friends. May I wish you all well and prosperity in the future. It is well deserved."

Received 22/Oct/2012

"Dear Robert, Thank you for your kindness, care and attention for the dentures made for me. They are a nice, comfortable fit, the best I have had for a long time. Thank you to Norma for her kindness and to Julie for looking after me. Thank you once again."

Received 18/Oct/2012

"Just to say Robert a very big THANK YOU for providing me with a wonderful new denture. I am so glad that I chose Grove Road Dental Clinic and thank you for all your time, care, understanding and expertise. Nothing has been too much trouble and I have always enjoyed visiting the clinic. I will miss meeting with you, Norma, Sally and Julie and send you my thanks and best wishes."

Received 10/Oct/2012

A previous patient of Robert. This patient came to see him again to have another set made.

"Dear Robert, Norma, Sally and Julie, Robert I thank you very much for your extra kindness, patience, and hard work. Norma for our enjoyable conversations, (about food!) and Sally and Julie for your help. Glad to say denture are working well, as I knew they would. Thanks once again."

Received 08/Oct/2012

"Robert, I wanted to tell you how impressed I was by the very high standard of professionalism and expertise (to which many apsire but relatively few achieve!), all delivered in a friendly and reassuring manner by you, ably assisted by Norma, well supported by other members of the practice. I would, therefore, unhesitatingly recommend you to prospective patients."

Received 08/Oct/2012

This patient presented to Robert when he took up the offer of a free 1 hour consultation appointment upper dentures that were 3 years old and a lower denture that was more than 30 years old, but which the patient said they had never been able to wear! The patient felt that the teeth of the upper denture were too long and prevented them from chewing their food properly. Further, the patient said to Robert that they thought they looked like the shark in the film: Jaws! This patient said that he wanted to have dentures that he could eat with and that this would mean the world to him if it could be achieved. Robert made the patient a full set of dentures and read below to see what type of food this patient is now able to eat!

"Now that the adjustment period for my dentures is over I feel I can state that they are good and fulfilling their function satisfactorily. They fit comfortably, improve my appearance (even at my age and state of decrepitude vanity rears its pretty head!) and I have real bite at last - steaks, apples, nuts and all, no problem - indeed it is such a bonanza I have to hope I will not wear them out too soon! The experience at your clinic was unexpectedly great fun with lots of laughter and quite unlike the vale of terror past experiences with teeth has been! Thanks for all that and for my being able to eat confidently in public again. "

Received 28/Sep/2012

This patient had dentures with a crack down the middle of them. They were 40 years old, consequently the teeth were heavily worn and they had an over closed mouth.

"Thank you very much for my lovely set of dentures. I am delighted with them. Also thank you for your care and attention and very friendly atmosphere throughout your clinic."

Received 28/Sep/2012

"Dear Robert and all the lovely people who work with him. Thank you all so very much for your kindness and consideration and welcome. And thank you Robert for my perfect teeth and smile, which I thought I had lost. I have no problems with the dentures so I hope they will continue to be perfect, as I am sure they will. Once again thank you all very much and if you need me to reassure any potential clients of yoru expertise, please refer them to me if you want to and I would be delighted to recommend you all. "

Received 26/Sep/2012

"To Robert, Sally, Norma and Julie, Thank you so much for your friendliness and professionalism and making a vist to the dentist such an enjoyable experience! I would certainly recommend you to others!"

Received 26/Sep/2012

"Three months ago, in fact a bit longer, I came into your practice to discuss private dentures. After listening to your expert advice I decided to go ahead. I can happily say this was one of the best decisions I have made. The teeth are brilliant. After just one adjustment no further problems. The sonic cleaners great I can whole heartedly recommend. "

Received 22/Sep/2012

This patient had a loose upper denture and was extremely nervous.

"Having now had my dentures, both top and bottom, for some time, I believe it is time I wrote to you to express my entire satisfaction with what you have achieved for me. My wife, and the rest of the family, have all expressed their delight at the complete change that has been wrought in my appearance. Your flyer came through the letterbox at precisely the right time. Your consultation appointment was enlighting, and, for me, your solution was perfect. The entire team was first class in both their approach and the completion of the task. Helpful in all things, they all played their part to perfection. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who wants work done to their teeth - I am the perfect example of your dedication to the pursuit of excellence."

Received 29/Aug/2012

"I am writing to thank you and your dental nurse for the care you took in fitting my denture, which so far has caused no discomfort and has made meal time far more pleasant!"

Received 29/Aug/2012

"It took 6 of your leaflets to get me over your door step and because of past experiences with dentists that have not always been pleasurable, it was with great trepidation that I came to consult you. The welcome from you and Sally, Julie, Norma and Rowan was so reassuring that I decided the time had come to trust someone for much needed treatment. I can only say I wish I had come years ago - but then hindsight is a wonderful thing! Thank you so much for your patience and attention to detail. For the first time in years I cannot stop smiling. Many thanks for making a difficult path easy to tread. "

Received 13/Jul/2012

This patient came to see Robet wearing old previously fractured dentures. The upper denture dropped when they opened their mouth.

"Thank you. The teeth are behaving well, the wedding was fantastic, I have been to the I.O.W. for a week, and up to London for a week, to a dinner and dance, an 80th birthday party and chomped my way through loads of food everywhere so they have been well tested."

Received 02/Jul/2012

This patient came to see Robert with a fractured denture. They were hesitant to change from their existing dentures, but Robert advised them that it was necessary to do so because the dentures were permanently weak and may well re-fracture. Robert made this patient a new set of dentures.

"I write to send you a very big thank you for the sterling job you did on my new dentures, they are excellent. I was quite apprehensive at first, replacing my old dentures for new, but the treatment and quality I received was fantastic. Yes, I did want you to re-create my teeth as they were naturally - you did a first class job. You are a magician! My dentures fit perfectly and were comfortable more or less with a tweak here and there straight away. You, Norma and the team made the whole process very pleasant, everyone was so friendly but also extremely professional. Once again thank you so much."

Received 27/Jun/2012

"The range of dentures on offer really helped me to find a set that not only fitted me but also my budget. Even though I went for a slighly cheaper option, by no means was I treated any differently by Robert and his team. Thanks"

Received 14/Jun/2012

This patient came to see Robert wearing dentures that were 45 years old. Originally they were supplied to them as temporary dentures and had been rebased along the way. The denture surfaces were very worn and consequently the patient had an over closed mouth. The dentures were loose and the patient kept biting their cheek.

"Dear Robert and team, it was when I was processing some recent holiday photographs I noticed how awful I looked. Fortunately I had received your flyer and decided to take advantage of the free consultation; I was impressed that here was someone who knew his job and took pride in his work. My inital impression was correct and each visit was a pleasant experience and I felt that everyone treated me more like a friend than a patient. The finished dentures are impressive and reflect the workmanship and time taken to obtain such a good result. The face I now see in the mirror compared to that in the holiday photograph is a transformation plus the fact that I can eat much better. The new dentures fit perfectly and I consider them money well spent. I can recommend Robert and his team to anyone requiring new dentures, you will not be disappointed."

Received 05/Jun/2012

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