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Loose Fitting Dentures

Are your dentures loose and constantly dropping down?

Does your denture drop down when you open your mouth to speak?
Can you feel it slipping when you are talking?
Do you feel that your dentures have a mind of their own and move around at will?

One of Robert's patients said to him when theyfirst came to see him that when they stop talking their dentures carried on talking because they moved around so much.

Do you find yourself staying at home rather than going out, because you are just so embarrassed by your dropping dentures?

Is your social life shrinking as a result?

Loose dentures are at the root of other problems that people regularly face with dentures such as eating problems and discomfort and soreness.

Your dentures may have fitted well when you first had them but your mouth is a constantly changing environment.  When we loose our natural teeth the bone underneath the gum ridge where the tooth has been lost will resorb, shrink away.  This bone shrinking process will continue for the rest of your life.

How Robert can solve this problem for you

By providing you with close fitting dentures, by giving you a denture that is right for your mouth.  So if you have some of your natural teeth remaining he can provide you with a denture that has a chrome framework to it, with clasps that fit around your natural teeth to anchor the denture within your mouth.  Furthermore, a chrome denture is considerably thinner than an acrylic denture and this will feel more comfortable.  This can make a significant improvement upon the retention of the denture in your mouth, so that you can smile, talk and laugh with confidence and regain your social life.  

If you do not have any of your own teeth, then Robert can improve upon the fit of your existing dentures by providing you with close fitting dentures. These result from Robert taking highly accurate impressions at two separate stages in the course of your treatment.

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Robert would love to help you solve the problems that you are experiencing with your dentures.  So book an appointment now to come and see him.

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