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Eating Problems

Are experiencing problems eating with your dentures?

Does food get under your dentures?
Do you find it takes you ages to eat your meal?
Are you the last person to finish their meal?
When you are in company do you leave food saying you are full, but really you are embarrassed about how long you are taking to eat?
Have you stopped going out for meals because of these problems?

Do any, or all, of these problems sound like you?

You could be having difficulties in eating with your dentures because your false teeth have worn down and lost their sharp edges, or because your dentures are loose fitting.

Your false teeth wear down gradually over time and you will probably not be aware that they are, but you will find it harder and harder to chew.

If your dentures are loose and moving around in your mouth, then it will be like having a triple decker sandwich in your mouth when you try to eat.  The outside of the sandwich will be your dentures with space between them and your mouth; the filling of the denture will be the food you are trying to eat.  The whole lot will feel like a jumbled mess of food and dentures.

The situation can get so bad that you start to lose weight, sometimes significant weight loss can occur because of this problem.

Or it may be that your jaws have not been put in their right relationship when your dentures were made for you.  If your jaws are not in their right relationship to one another this can lead to real problems in eating.

How Robert can solve this problem for you

He can solve this problem by providing you with new and close fitting dentures.  The false teeth of the new dentures will be of the right length and have sharp edges with which to bite and chew.  Close fitting dentures result from Robert taking highly accurate impressions at two separate stages in the course of your treatment.  He will also take bite registrations, in which he will measure precisely the characteristics of your bite.

Robert has helped many people with just this problem and he has changed their lives.  They are able to regain their weight if they have lost it.  People enjoy eating again, some of Robert's patients have written to him telling him how lovely it is to enjoy steak again and that they are no longer embarrassed to eat in public.

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