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Discomfort & Soreness

Are you experiencing discomfort and soreness with your dentures?

Do your dentures feel uncomfortable in your mouth?
Do you have permanent sore spots in your mouth?
Are you dentures loose in your mouth, do they move around a lot?
Does it hurt when you eat?
Do you often catch your cheek when you bite or chew?
Is the problem getting worse?

Did you know that the mouth is a constantly changing environment?  The rate at which it changes increases when we loose our natural teeth.  This is because when you lose a natural tooth the bone underneath your gum ridges gradually resorbs, shrinks away.  This process will carry on for the rest of your life.  

This bone shrinking process may mean that your denture is now contacting only a few areas in your mouth, than when it was first fitted.  This means that your denture will be putting a lot of pressure on just a few areas of your mouth.

Sometimes the tissues over the bone shrink at the same rate and at other times they do not.  Shrinkage to the soft tissues can lead to very fleshy and mobile gum ridges.  This can be a major contributing factor to a denture being mobile and to a denture feeling uncomfortable and causing soreness in your mouth. 

The excess tissue from the lips, cheek and tongue can overflow onto the denture-bearing area of your gum.  This can be very painful because every time you bite you pinch these tissues underneath your denture. 

If your dentures are loose they may be migrating to areas of your mouth that were not intended to be denture-bearing areas.

Changes in your mouth can also occur with the introduction of medication, or a change to your medication.  If you have any medical conditions these can accelerate changes in the mouth.

Or it may be that your jaws have not been put in their right relationship when your dentures were made for you.  If your jaws are not in their right relationship to one another this can lead to real problems not only in eating but also to your upper and lower jaw joint - the temporal mandibular joint.  This joint can be put under unnecessary pressure and tension.

How Robert Can Solve This Problem For You

By providing you with close fitting dentures. 

By Robert giving you a denture that is right for your mouth.

These result from Robert taking highly accurate impressions at two separate stages in the course of your treatment.   

If you opt for the muscle moulding option this helps to ensure that the denture does not interfere with the soft tissues in your mouth.  Muscle moulding involves taking impressions of your mouth whilst it is moving.  Quite often when impressions are taken of soft tissues: your lips, cheeks, tongue and the floor of your mouth, they are displaced.  This displacement creates a false reading within the plaster model that is created from the impression of your mouth.  The often consequent result is poor fitting, very mobile dentures.  Muscle moulding prevents this displacement and hence you get excellent fitting dentures.

They also result from Robert putting your jaws in their right relationship to one another.  By Robert working with you as a team when he asks you to move your mouth into a number of different jaw movements so that he can ascertain what your correct jaw relationship is. 

Robert ensures that you leave his clinic feeling comfortable.  He won't send you out of his door and say there you are get on with them, leaving it to you to come back when you can't stand the pain anymore.  The final fit appointment takes 60 minutes and then you come back within 24-72 hours to have the dentures checked to make sure that they are fitting and functioning well.  The dentures will be adjusted to alleviate any soreness that you may be experiencing.

It is common for new dentures to feel sore.  It is just like when you buy a new pair of shoes, they often cause soreness but after a period of time when you have worn them in they feel comfortable.

Depending on the denture range that you choose you will receive up to 3 free 30 minutes adjustment appointments within the first 3 months after the date on which Robert fits the dentures into your mouth.

FREE no obligation 1 hour consultation with Robert

Robert would love to help you solve the problems that you are experiencing with your dentures.  So book an appointment now to come and see him.

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