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Denture Ranges

We have a total of 5 different ranges of dentures available to you to choose from so that you get the right type for your individual situation. 

Ultimate Range

This range utilises the best false teeth that are available.  They are gender and age specific, extremely durable and uniquely natural in appearance. This is due to the fact that they have an un-paralleled life-like surface texture and natural layering that produces harmonious proportions of translucency, opalescence and fluorescence. Plus the tooth moulds are specifically layered to suit the characteristics of each individual tooth shape.

Premier Range

Within this range 2 different types of teeth are available : - 

Acrylic teeth that used to represent some of the most natural looking false teeth on the market until they were superseded by the teeth that we use in our Ultimate range. It is a slightly softer tooth that will not be as hard wearing and will not last as long as the Ultimate range teeth. Accordingly they attract a lower price. But they are still a very good choice. 

Porcelain teeth individually hand made in Switzerland. The benefit of porcelain teeth is that they are very hard wearing.  However the surface detail is not as good and therefore they do not have quite the same life-like quality as the acrylic teeth that we use in this range and our Ultimate range. But they are leagues above your average denture tooth and represent exceptional quality. Please note that we do not recommend these teeth in situations in which a porcelain false tooth would be biting against your natural teeth.  The porcelain tooth will cause excessive wear of your natural teeth.

Deluxe Range

The false teeth used in this range whilst not has hard wearing as those of the upper ranges, are of good quality.  They have a 4 layer "Pearl Effect" across their entire visible surface, which gives them life-like characteristics.

Mid Range

This range has false teeth that are harder than those used in the standard range. Therefore they will last longer and their aesthetic appearance is better than that of the Standard range below. These teeth do not have the layering of the upper range teeth that produce their life-like appearance.

Standard Range

This range is a budget option and utilises teeth that appear obviously false. They therefore have aesthetic limitations and in addition they are not as hard wearing as the other types of teeth. Most commonly we suggest this range to patients as a temporary denture to be worn for a period of about 6 months only following teeth extractions to be replaced with a permanent denture from one of the better ranges. 

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