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Are you embarrassed by the appearance of your dentures?

Do you feel embarrassed by the appearance of your teeth and mouth?
Are your teeth all regular & symmetrical in appearance and all on one level, so that they appear obviously false?
Do you not like the shade of your teeth compared to your complexion?
Are your lips and cheeks sunken into your face?
Do you show too little or too much teeth above or beneath your lips?
Are you over closed when you eat?  Does your lower jaw come too close to your nose when you eat?  Do you feel as if you have a gurning appearance when you eat?

How Robert Can Solve These Problems

By providing you with a new denture with teeth of a shape, size and shade that match your face.  Did you know that there are now available age-related and gender-related false tooth shapes?  That's right false teeth that match the wear that a natural tooth would have incurred by your age.  Also different shaped teeth depending on whether you are male or female.

If you are over closed when you eat can be due to the fact that the teeth on your denture have worn down considerably, or that your jaws are not in the right relationship to one another.  A new denture with false teeth of the right length will sort out this problem.  If your jaws are not in the right relationship then Robert can put your jaws in their right relationship to one another. 

If you feel that your lips and cheeks are sunken then Robert can provide you with plumping, dentures which replace the lost bone support and roots.  The denture will plump out the upper and lower lips and cheeks.  This particular treatment can make a significant improvement to your face, helping to make you look younger.

You can opt to have gum tinting this replicates the natural variation of the tissue colour of your gums.  This helps to disguise the fact that you are wearing dentures and is particularly useful for people who show a lot of their gums above their upper teeth when they smile.

Robert can provide you with a denture that includes age mimicry, this involves placing the teeth so that they are not all on the same level or arranged in symmetry.  He can even include metallic fillings or gold crowns.  These measures all help to disguise the fact that you are wearing a denture.

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