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Robert Seviour

This is a brief introduction to me and my background. I hope that you can see that I am passionate about my work and always do my best to please my customers.

Robert's Background and Training

When Robert was a young boy he used to help his father in his dental laboratory. When he left school he started to work for his father whilst also serving a 5 year apprenticeship. His father installed in him the work ethic that is a job is worth doing it is worth doing well. That is why Robert is the perfectionist that he is. Shortly, before completing his apprenticeship Robert went to work for a laboratory in Maidstone where he worked for 3 years. He then, with his brother Andy established his own dental laboratory  which they ran together for 13 years. Robert qualified as a clinical dental technician in 2002. This means that Robert has been working in dental technology for 28 years: more years than Robert cares to remember!

A Perfectionist

If you were to be treated by Robert, you would quickly see, that like his father, he is a perfectionist at heart, always making sure that things are just right before he continues to the next stage of treatment. You would also come to look forward to your appointments with him because he is very friendly and always makes his patients feel at ease with his witty repartee.

What is a Clinical Dental Technician?

You might wonder what exactly is a clinical dental technician. It is a relatively new profession within dentistry. It became recognised by the General Dental Council in 2007 and Robert was one of the first clinical dental technicians to register with the GDC. A Clinical Dental Technician is a dental technician that treats patients directly in the surgery in respect of the provision of dentures. So you can see that Robert brings to the chair-side nearly 30 years of dental technology experience. He adds to his expertise regularly by attending courses, which enables him to provide cutting edge denture technology to his patients. Robert provides both full and partial dentures made from the traditional plastic acrylic material or the new and innovative flexible dentures. 

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